Stay away from these states (if you don’t want to get shot)

Gun related murders per capita

Murders per Capita by State (2011)

I think the chart speaks for itself here.  Now to be fair to D.C., it is entirely an urban area where the murder rates are always distinctively higher, so that might not be a fair comparison for this chart.  However, I don’t know what Louisiana’s excuse is!

The average mean for all states is 3.0 and the median is 2.5. Interestingly enough, Texas is smack in the middle at 2.7.  The reason I find this interesting is that I expected Texas to be far on the low end considering the seemingly endless examples of – “well in Texas we just all carry guns and criminals don’t try anything stupid here” – type of attitude.  I thought maybe there would be some truth to it but the data show that Texas is exactly average.

And so if you’re uncontrollably afraid of being shot to death in your own state, below is a graph that shows the states where you are least likely to be involved in a gun related homicide.

Gun related murders per capita - safest states

Safest States