Why Has The Media Been Silent In The Latest Colorado Shooting?


Not impressed with his delivery, but an interesting take here by Glenn Beck.  Is the media hiding certain details in order to keep the stereotype of a crazy gunman alive?


Gun Murders by Crime Type

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find out exactly what the circumstances are around each gun murder?  Well thanks to the data collected by the FBI, we can get a very detailed and (mostly) complete view into these exact statistics.  The goal of this article is to show you what the surrounding circumstances are for each confrontation that turns into murder.  The data is obviously not complete as there are many unsolved murder cases each year and the best that the FBI can do is give us a cause of death.

The first chart below shows the number of murders in 2011 broken down by the crime type that was in progress when the murder happened.  Again, many of them are unknown because the circumstances surrounding the murder are unsolved.  Nonetheless, the statistics are more than good enough to give a useful comparison of how often a murder is committed during a felony, suspected felony, and non-felony.  Obviously all murders are felonies but this data is showing what type of crime was already in progress (if any) at the time the murder took place.

2011-murder-by-crime-type More


How Big of a Problem is Gun Violence

The point of this post is simply to put into perspective the number of people that are killed with guns each year in the USA.  We will do that by comparing actual homicide and suicide data to what we consider other “big” problems in this country.  More importantly, the goal of this article is to help our government and our leaders make well-informed decisions about how to focus our resources and strategies to have the biggest impact on improving the overall quality of life in America.   More


Are Video Game Violence and Gun Violence Linked?

Video Game Violence and Gun Control

Video Game Violence and Gun Violence Comparison


There have been several studies done over the past decade regarding the link between aggression in one’s behavior and the amount of time spent playing violent video games.  This was especially true after the Columbine massacre.  It seems that the data has mostly been mixed depending on who is conducting the study and the different variables being considered.  Here at GunStats.org, we’re looking for something maybe a little more concrete and provable through numbers. More


I am aware that, statistically speaking, a gun in the home represents a far greater danger to its inhabitants than to an intruder




NRA Statement – Misleading?

In a statement today, NRA executive vice president Wayne LaPierre tells Congress:

“Unfortunately, we’ve seen a dramatic collapse in federal gun prosecutions in recent years.”

Well here at GunStats.org we know that there’s more to the story.   More


Is American Gun Violence Related to Gun Numbers?

Civilian Gun Ownership by Country

Civilian Gun Ownership by Country

It is a fact that the USA privately owns more guns than any other country on Earth (reference).  Almost double than the next closest country actually.  Technically, for every 100 citizens we own about 89 guns!  That’s a lot of guns.  The important question we need to answer then is – does our unusually high level of gun ownership contribute to our relatively high level of gun violence? More


How Often Do The “Bad Guys” Get Shot

Justifiable Homicide by Firearm

Justifiable Homicide by Firearm

Justifiable homicide is defined as the killing of a felon during the commission of a felony by a private citizen or a police officer.  In the case of the police officer, it is always the case of acting in the line of duty.   More


Stay away from these states (if you don’t want to get shot)

Gun related murders per capita

Murders per Capita by State (2011)

I think the chart speaks for itself here.  Now to be fair to D.C., it is entirely an urban area where the murder rates are always distinctively higher, so that might not be a fair comparison for this chart.  However, I don’t know what Louisiana’s excuse is! More


Weapon of Choice in Homicides (Murders)

Weapon of choice in homicides

Weapon of Choice (2011)

The statistic presented above addresses two myths when it comes to gun control and gun violence:

Myth #1: There are just as many people murdered in this country using baseball bats and other weapons as there are guns; the media just doesn’t tell us about them.

The pie chart on the left shows that this is simply not true.  Murders committed with a firearm account for 68% of all total murders in this country.  It is plain and simple: guns are the weapon of choice when it comes to committing a murder. More